About the Artist

image1 copyLaura Jean

I love children and have had the blessing of being around lots of them; as a nanny, a preschool assistant and Auntie. I believe it is our job as parents, grandparents, or care givers to help kids learn the good behaviors and habits that will serve them a lifetime.

My journey as a children‘s inventor began many years ago after babysitting a friend’s young daughter who was not quite three at the time, and not yet potty trained. Remembering my Kindergarten excitement at receiving a sticker on my forehead for a job well done, I thought there might be a fun way to help her with her dilemma. That night I drew up the first teddy bear potty training chart, purchased some stickers and delivered it the next morning.

I was happily surprised when her mother informed me she was potty trained in one day! She was running to the bathroom at the slightest urge and proudly showing off her sticker filled chart to everyone coming in the house.

That encouraging beginning fueled my desire to help children in other challenging areas of young life. Now along with Tinkles the Pottytime Bear, we have eighteen different charts to choose from.